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Propane Tank Installations

Propane tank installation is something that will be performed by licensed propane companies only. Trying to install your own propane tank isn’t advisable under any condition, nor is it legitimate. Propane tank installation in New York..

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Propane and Fuel Delivery

Clear diesel is a sort of fuel that is sold without added dyes and is considered “road vehicle grade fuel.” This can be anything from private cars, trucks, and SUVs to business transport or truck fleets. Clear diesel is intended to have low sulfur levels ..

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Propane Piping Systems

We provide propane piping system in the most professional way and at the best rates in the market as well. Propane is a hydrocarbon (C3H8) and is sometimes referred to as liquefied petroleum gas, LP-gas, or LPG. Propane is produced from ..

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Cochecton Oil and Propane are committed to providing quality services to our respected clientele and making sure that all their needs are met in the most professional manner. We make sure that Cochecton Oil Company is not just providing excellent services but also making a connection with their clients that lasts long.  It is vital that you let professionals handle this and we can’t put enough accentuation on the way that it’s anything but work to be done by novices. One might be helpful with instruments and all, however this isn’t something to try different things with. Continuously enlist an affirmed, licensed and experienced company to ensure that your work is in safe hands and is being done by professionals. There can be risky consequences if the aforementioned instructions are not followed appropriately and paid regard to. In the event that you need the best administrations and need them at the most moderate rates as well, contact us and have confidence, we accomplish the best work. We plan to make your experience the best and your solace is our need. You will get your money’s worth and will be happy with our work. Snap away, get the best arrangements and the best administrations from us.

There are many companies in the same line of work but Cochecton Oil in New York has made a name for themselves due to their impeccable services and unmatched services in the field. When it comes to any services from Cochecton Oil New York, we are there for you and we will make sure you are satisfied with the work we provide. Cochecton Oil and Propane has long stretches of experience giving trustworthy propane administration to our customers. With base on security and our customers, we are centered on giving protected and strong propane administration for your home or business. Though some may consider us only a propane conveyance organization, we’re a satisfied to be a full help propane organization offering tank installations, propane framework support and seasonal assistance, and that is only a glimpse of something larger. Whether or not you are preparing dinner on the cooktop, flipping the switch on the gas fireplace to loosen up or controlling up your settings, Cochecton Oil and Propane is there, guaranteeing your home or business is running without any problem. Our groups are centered on keeping your home or business warm, your machines running productively, and your outdoors living space arranged for a drawing in picnic. At the point when you come to us for administrations, you have gone to the correct spot as we are the best at what we do and we have a submitted staff that is committed and devoted to your work. Our expert teams and experienced team members are experts in their respective fields and are thoroughly trained as well. They are well versed with all the delicate intricacies of safety and installment and will do the job for you in the most effective and proper manner. Our motto is to make your experience memorable and totally worth it.

About Cochecton Oil

Our ongoing passion for serving customers with quality fuel and propane led to the foundation of Cochecton Oil and Propane, a family owned energy supplier. We are a provider to numerous parts of Sullivan, Delaware, and Wayne counties.

Our goal here at Cochecton Oil and Propane is clear; to blaze a trail in the fuel industry through quality products, excellent service, and technical support. With our commitment to quality work, we are continually growing to support all of your fuel needs.

Since 1959, we have been offering residential and commercial petroleum products. Setting us apart from our competitors, we offer personalized, unique support and service tailored to individual needs. The approach of never settling for the average product or service has made us stand out amongst our competitors.

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Superior customer support along with industry leading solutions.


From supplying quality fuel to performing complex installations, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond your expectations.



Achieve peace of mind with prompt delivery and excellent customer relations. Readily available during normal business hours and when emergencies pop up after-hours, we are here to fulfill your energy needs.



When quality matters you can be assured you will receive nothing less than the best products as well as services from the team at Cochecton Oil and Propane.

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