Propane tanks are the storage containers for propane in its liquid structure and are accessible in a wide range of sizes being built and intended for propane containment at high pressures. They are intended for installation at a customer location and are filled on-site. Bigger tanks can be introduced on an impermanent reason for certain specific applications where request and use necessities are higher. We have propane tanks for sale at Cochecton Oil and Propane. We have tanks available in various sizes such as 100 gallon propane tank, 330 gallon propane tank, 500 gallon propane tank and 1000 gallon propane tank. We also provide services for BBQ grill tanks refiling and our services are impeccable in all these aforementioned fields. Our BBQ grill propane tanks service is known for the professional services and the amazing work ethic of our teams. We are a household name when it comes to BBQ grill propane fuel supplier companies. You need to have the best services for your household and your business ventures when it comes to this line of work. You can simply not take this job for granted as it takes a highly skilled team and if an individual, it has to a person with years of experience and expertise in the field. It is a sensitive type of work and if handled amateurishly, it could have disastrous effects and could lead to a fatal incident. Always choose a certified company for your installations and refilling.

Under no circumstances should this be done by one’s own self. Choose our certified and expert staff to get your tanks installed in a safe environment, coupled with finesses and quality of work. Cochecton Oil and Propane aims to deliver the best quality work and craftsmanship for all our clients. Our services are a testament to our quality of work and the perfect work ethic of our teams. Make the wise choice and make sure you get the right services for all your installation, maintenance and refilling needs.

Cochecton Oil and Propane have a variety of tanks, reconditioned and new in their inventory. We offer above and below ground tanks, ranging in size from 100-1000 gallons, and we have them available here at the best prices as well.  You also have the option to fill, exchange, or purchase a new BBQ tank during normal business hours. When it comes to installation, it is a tricky process that requires the best set of skills and expert workmanship. We install propane piping systems in the most professional manner and we assure that the deadline of the project is never exceeded, our aim is to finish the job well before the estimated time frame for the comfort and ease of our customers. We also provide free estimates for all your needs and give you realistic and professional estimates for all the services we are providing. Feel free to contact us and get the estimates for all the services. We are here to serve you and we will do it to the best of our abilities. Receive quality services, correct installations and professional work with us.